On Fridays We Have Popsicles

So the second week of my internship is officially done! This week honestly hasn’t been too eventful, since like with any job people end up having hard deadlines to meet. That’s what happened to my boss this week so unfortunately we have not been able to start any new projects (or work on the inventory which should be done by the time that renovations of Wing 1 begin). Despite this tiny set back, I was able to work on the radio transcript project and the secretarial gifts!

While working on the radio transcript project I encountered some bad luck with the office USB. I tried to scan the pages onto the USB (all 400 of them) and then the USB decided it needed to be reformatted. I tried this, and then the USB completely died on me. Thankfully, the curator had an extra USB that I could use and eventually I was able to scan all of the pages onto the USB and create a full PDF of the radio transcript binder. My next task is to create a finding aid for the binder, and also to create bookmarks in Acrobrat Pro so that people looking on it online will be able to search it! I am really loving this project because eventually this binder will be available to the public and it is cool to know that I have helped to make it accessible.

Working on the secretarial gifts has also been really interesting. It is fairly straight forward, as all I have to do is input the gifts into the gift database, and also write down the addresses of the gift presenters for future thank you letters. This task has been enjoyable simply because it is in a different part of the DOI building. I also can’t complain because I got a strawberry popsicle while in the office yesterday…it’s the little things! :)

I’m sorry that there wasn’t much to report on next week, but next week should be much more eventful and I am sure I’ll have more to write about next time! Until then, have a great week!


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